El Cheapo Fallout

by Capt. Kevin Faver, Capt. Kirk Waltz, and Jeff Lageman

So, with the El Cheapo working out the way it did, and Capt. Kirk coming in second place overall, you kind of knew what was coming.  But Jeff was gracious in defeat, and everyone enjoyed reliving the ups and downs of the tournament. The El Cheapo wasn’t the only thing happening, though, and the guys had lots to talk about and chewed the fat with a bunch of friends on the phone, too.

L.V. Hiers Gear Tip of the Week

The picture on the right may look like one of those fancy electric toothbrushes, but it’s the head and tail of an 8′ Mariner 8500 6dB VHF Antenna from Shakespeare.  Now there are lots of brands, several models, several different construction variables, and several different price points, but the tip is having one that will keep the line of communication between you and the people who can help you if there’s trouble.  If you have one that’s seen better days, don’t wait – replace it ASAP.  Capt. Kevin and Capt. Kirk also recommend upgrading to a digital antenna for increased performance…up to 30 miles of broadcast distance.

KirbyCo Builders, Inc Cooking Tip of the Week

Crock Pot Breakfast Sausage Casserole

Grab those ingredients (dozen eggs, pack of maple sausage, hash browns, and a bag of cheddar cheese), pile ’em in a crock pot, crank it up and hit the sack. In six hours, you’ve got a killer breakfast.  Enjoy!

Well, there’s a little more to it (after all, the official recipe calls for 15 minutes of prep time).  So, click HERE for the official recipe.

Ring Power CAT Tip of the Week

All of the guys have found themselves up the creek…literally.  So has Capt. Steve Mullen, who provided this week’s tip idea (and pics, too): get a trolling motor!  If you want to get to where the fish (and who doesn’t), a trolling motor will get you there with minimal environment disturbance and won’t scare away the fish.  But make sure, along with every other piece of equipment you use, you maintain it properly.


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