The Off-Shore Edition!

by Capt. Kevin Faver, Capt. Kirk Waltz, and Jeff Lageman

Today was the first day of turkey season in Florida, so you’d think it would be prime time for those beards, spurs, and gobbles.  But that was exactly the problem – the only person who hit it big early was…well, you can hear that for yourself.  guess we’ll have to wait until next week for some turkey stories.

Capt. Kevin hit the road this week, taking care of some work out at his Georgia hunting property.  So, Capt. Kirk and Jeff brought in Team Buck Rogers’ Capt. Chad Starling for on “Offshore Edition” of the Outdoors Show.  Jeff said it was going to be a big fishing lesson for him, but we all learned a lot!  This is a can’t-miss show if you want to hear some great stories about spectacular sights, some crazy currents,  and the denizens of the deep, like this viral video Capt. Chad shot not too long ago of a famous visitor to his boat:

But that wasn’t the only thing we discovered.  Turns out that James, a friend to Outdoors Show crew, learned about Capt. Kevin’s odd take on “fair trade”…and he learned it the hard way.


L.V. Hiers Gear Tip of the Week

As we talked about on the show today, it was the first day of turkey season in Florida.  As anyone who has hunted turkeys for any length of time will tell you, it’s tough business.  The biggest problem is their extraordinary vision; research has shown that, when alert and scanning, wild turkeys can detect an eye blink at 60 yards away.  So if you’re doing a run-and-gun hunt, you need to get something between the turkeys’ gaze and your motion.  For this week’s tip, Jeff shared the Ameristep Throwdown Blind, available at Cabela’s.  It’s big, sturdy, lightweight, sets up quick, and it’s covered in Mossy Oak Obsession, the ultimate camo for turkey hunting.  It’s also easy to transport, and best of all: it’s only $40.  Everyone agreed – it’s a must-have for your next hunt.  Get yours HERE


KirbyCo Builders, Inc Cooking Tip of the Week

Mango Salsa for Fish Tacos

Who doesn’t LOVE fish tacos?  But the question is this: what’s the best thing to put on them?  According to our taste buds, nothing beats mango salsa.  It’s a great combination of sweet and spicy that complements the fish you just caught earlier in the day.  Mix up the mango, cilantro, onion, lime juice, and some jalapeno, and ready to roll.  And the best part?  You can add all kinds of things to the recipe to put your own personal twist on the dish!  Signature Salsa, courtesy of the Outdoors Show.  Get one delicious recipe HERE



Ring Power CAT Tip of the Week

So Capt. Kirk begins to tell us about his “Night of Olay” jar, and the rest of the crew starts to get a little worried.  But, as it turns out, the Prince of the El Cheapo doesn’t sit around in the evening and moisturize his face.  He recycled his wife’s empty plastic jar and turned it into a perfect jig holder!

It’s perfect for the job: it fits in the palm of your hand, it has a wide top, so it’s easy to reach in and shake a jig free without spilling them everywhere, and it’s made of a thick, durable plastic so it will take the punishment and won’t shatter like a glass container would.

So look around the house for a container like this one.  Or get yourself some “Night of Olay” to work out those wrinkles…and THEN jig up that empty container!


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