Fishing Forecast

by Capt. Kevin Faver and Capt. Scott Shank

It’s on!  Capt. Kevin characterized this week’s fishing as WORLD CLASS…and he wasn’t winking when he said it.  Don’t think so?  He and Capt. Scott caught flounder, mangrove snapper, redfish, mutton snapper, kingfish, red snapper (imagine that…we heard they were extinct), sea bass, jack crevalle, catfish, trout, spanish mackerel, remora, cobia, and more.  IN THE PAST THREE DAYS.

Like we said.  It’s on.

But here’s what great about this episode: it was loaded with tips about where to go, what to throw, how to throw it and how to work it.  If you’re looking for tips, this may be the most information-overloaded Fishing Forecast episode ever.

And you can also learn a whole new definition of the word “thump”, courtesy of Capt. Scott!