Fishing Forecast

by Capt. Kevin Faver and Capt. Scott Shank


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You remember The Eurythmics? The ’80s pop music band with scary woman with the bright orange buzz cut?  They had a hit song called “Here Comes the Rain Again.”  That song could very well have been the theme song for this episode.  Not that we’re complaining about the rain, because Lord knows we need it.  However, it does make things a little stinky when it comes to fishing.

Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott talked a lot about the weather, how it affected them and how it’s going to affect every angler in the area for the next few days.  Be sure to listen in to find out when the storms are set to stop.

Honestly, we could have renamed the show the “Flounder Fishing Forecast”, because we got multiple calls about where to find them and how to hook ’em.  And seeing as how Capt. Scott is one of, if not the, best flounder fisherman in the area, he had answers for everyone.  He also had a curious episode with everybody while trying to describe why teaching females to fish is better than teaching males.  See if you crack up as hard as we did…