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Old Friends, Fish Tales, and The Itch

by Capt. Kevin Faver, Capt. Kirk Waltz, and Jeff Lageman

Capt. Larry Miniard sat in with the guys this week, and as you probably already know, he’s a certified legent in the First Coast area.  When it comes to the outdoors, he’s always got a story…or someone has a story about him!  We heard lots of both in this episode, along with the first signs of that deer season itch…and we even got into some sailing stories and America’s Cup talk!  Last but CERTAINLY not least, the guys talked about getting the itch for deer season; from what’s being planted to where those stands and cameras are going to Capt. Kirk becoming a fawn.  Yes, you read that correctly.

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So you’re looking to land the large ones, right?  Of course you are, which means you also have a gaff on board.  As you can imagine, getting stuck by one of these things can really put a damper on your offshore outing, so be smart and keep the tip covered!  All the guys recommended using a tennis ball; just poke a hole, slide it on, and everyone is a whole lot safer.  The felt surface is easy to grab, and it’s really durable, too.  And depending on which sporting goods store you go to, you can probably find the perfect color to match your boat!




Picture this: You just fought what could very well be a bigger mahi than the 76.5 pounder that guy landed over at Lake Worth Inlet back in ’93.  You get the bull close, but in the excitement, you blow the gaff.  He jumps, pops the hook, and you, delirious in your anger about losing the best fish ever, drop the gaff.  In the drink.  Now it’s swimming with the mahi who is now cruising around at 120ft laughing at you.

We can’t find that mahi for you again, and gaffing lessons aren’t free, but we can offer you this: spray some Great Stuff Gap Filler in your replacement gaff (since you fumbled the other one), and it will float!  This inexpensive hack ($5 at Lowe’s) works great for bait nets and landing nets, too.


BBQ Quail


Thanks to Susan for sharing this tip:

George Prattos of Jacksonville Clay Target Sports has perfected a slow BBQ Quail recipe that includes marinating your birds in Italian salad dressing overnight, then slow BBQ on low indirect heat for two hours creating a tender delicious bird.

Hey George…hope you saved us a few of those tasty looking things!