Fishing Forecast

by Capt. Kevin Faver and Capt. Scott Shank


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Do you remember when you first got into fishing?  Do you remember that first brim you caught and the excitement you felt when you saw it wiggle on the hook down by the pond?  Well, believe it or not, that spine-tingling thrill never goes away, even for veteran charter captains like Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott.  That’s what they talked about on this episode of the Fishing Forecast, and several callers checked in to share the species that get them fired up.  For some it was tarpon.  For others, it’s still a big trout.  And everybody loves hooking a barracuda!  So what’s your thriller?

But that wasn’t all – former co-host Bill Pollackov stopped by to share his perspective on “Fish-n-Fest”.  Put on by Capt. Cefus McRae, host of the “Nuts and Bolts of Fishing” TV show (check them out HERE), Fish-n-Fest is a weekend-long fishing event/party/television shoot, and our very own Capt. Scott was a BIG part of it.  Scott and Bill shared the details and all the fun, and they also said that the episode will air some time this fall.  We’ll keep you posted on air dates and times!

Finally, for the forecast.  It’s a little bit of mixed bag, but offshore is STILL amazing, and the kings are STILL everywhere.  The fishing is great…if you can get your bait past those hungry scoundrels!