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Capt. Kirk and the T***y Bream

by Capt. Kevin Faver, Capt. Kirk Waltz, and Jeff Lageman

We love Capt. Kirk.  We really do.  He brings decades of experience, wisdom, and passion to the show each and every week.  He also manages to say some of the darndest things.  Well, this episode contained one for the ages.  But more on that later…

We were joined in-studio by the Coach David Dobson and two members of the Jacksonville University Shooting Team, one of the premiere varsity teams in the United States.  They talked about the past, present, and future of their program, and really demonstrated commendable character as representatives of the team and the school.  It was an honor to have them with us!

They say the rain in Spain falls mostly on the plain.  But around the First Coast, it’s been falling EVERYWHERE.  It’s been deluge after deluge for weeks now, and the effects are really beginning to pile up.  We talked the good and the bad; water clarity problems, water level issues, lack of bait, and the abundance of kingfish and returning cobia.  It’s crazy out there, but you can definitely hear how excited the guys are about what’s happening on the water.  And as for hunting, the rain couldn’t be better – food plots are exploding, and the deer showing up on the guys’ trail cams are looking FAT.  It’s looking like it could be a fantastic season!

Capt. Larry called in with an amazing story about a flounder caught locally this week.  As it turns out, the flounder had been tagged, and you will not believe where it was tagged last year!

And now, back to Capt. Kirk and what he calls a fish that looks like this:

Kirk calls this a ‘titty bream’.  Well, after we picked up our jaws, we asked our listeners to tell us the origin of this rather risque nickname.  And if you don’t know the story behind the name, it’s not about what you think it’s about…

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Kevin dog LOVES riding in the truck, and Kevin loves having her along.  But he’s also kind of fond of his truck, and he knows how bad pups can shred and stain seats.  NOT a good thing.  That’s why Kevin wanted to recommend the PerfectPet seat cover.  It’s a heavy duty quilted blend of oxford fabric, cotton, and polyester; so its just as comfortable as it is tough.  It’s waterproof and non-slip, so it won’t slide around and you don’t have to worry about any “animal accidents” getting to your seat.  Best of all, its easy to clean…something you definitely can’t say about your vehicle’s upholstery.  It comes in different colors, too. You can order one through Amazon for around $30.



When you’re slow trolling with live bait, the key to success is making sure the live bait is moving in the most natural way possible.  Fish know when their prey isn’t acting right, and they’ll steer clear…and you’ll get skunked.

That’s why the guys recommend you get – and PROPERLY use – a sea anchor.  There are plenty of good reasons to use one: they slow down your trolling and drifting speed, and they also hold your boat parallel to the sea conditions, which allows you to keep a bunch of lines in the water.

Here’s some extra stuff for you: we found this great video from Florida Sport Fishing that explains the benefits and provides some outstanding tips so you can maximize the use of your sea anchor.