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Old Friends, Fish Tales, and The Itch

by Capt. Kevin Faver, Capt. Kirk Waltz, and Jeff Lageman

With Capt. Kevin on the water for the Ancient City Game Fish Tournament, it was up to Jeff and Capt. Kirk to carry the load.  It was easy for them, though, because there was SO much to talk about!

First and foremost, the guys talked about the weather and the water.  As Kevin and Scott mentioned on Wednesday’s Fishing Forecast, the upwelling of cold water down in St. Augustine has really altered fish behavior in that area.  However, Kirk was quick to point out this morning that things are a little different off Jacksonville, because the upwelling hasn’t hit there yet.  The water is still in the high 70s, its beautiful, and the fishing has been incredible.  The extended forecast calls for even more perfection, so get out there and get after it!

Jeff had the chance to head to Sanibel Island after last week’s show and enjoy some great fishing.  He caught some tremendous reds,  snook, and mangrove snapper (check our Facebook page for more great pictures).  Jeff talked about the great time he had (along with some fabulous tips he learned), and he also shared a frustrating story about some guys who were poaching snook.  Thankfully, Capt. Nelson Diaz, Jeff’s guide, did a stand-up job of calling them out on their activity…and recording it with his camera phone.  We shared his video post on our Facebook page too, so be sure to check that out.

We welcomed into the studio Tim Ward and Kelsey Doleo from Gunsmiths, Inc. to talk about gun safety and maintenance.  Tim has been providing top-quality gunsmithing services for almost 30 years, and services Krieghoff shotguns – the ultimate high-end competitive and hunting firearm.  Kelsey runs the Jacksonville shop located at Jacksonville Clay Target Sports.  They both stressed how critical quality gunsmithing is for proper maintenance, and Kirk backed that up with a scary story about one of his guns.  We took several questions from callers soliciting some great advice, tips and techniques from both Tim and Kelsey including the one thing every gun owner can do to make a world of difference in their performance!

This was over 90-minutes of expert guidance for you that is truly must-listen.  You may want to have a pen and paper handy for notes!

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Picture it: you’re out on the beach with family and friends, doing a little surf fishing.  You’ve been working hard in the sun, and you just landed a monster.  Time to kick back with your favorite ice cold bottled beverage you just pulled from the cooler.

And you can’t drink it.  Because you didn’t pack your bottle opener. ARGH!!!!!

We NEVER want this to happen to you, so for this week’s Gear Tip, we give you the Reef Fanning Series sandal/flip flop, which comes complete with an in-sole bottle opener!  They’re comfortable, durable, and come in a variety of colors and styles, too.  Best of all, you can pick up a pair at “Man Heaven”…Hagan Coastal Outfitters!




If you own a boat, you own a trailer.  And if you own a trailer, you know how often you get a flat.  And if you know how often you get a flat, you know how much of a pain in the *&!$&? it is to change that tire.  Kirk understands, he feels your pain, and he offers this little beauty as a solution to that pain: the Trailer-Aid Plus Tandem Tire Changing Ramp.  It only weighs five pounds, holds up to 15,000 lbs, it’s waterproof and rustproof, gives you 5.5″ of lift, and it’s $32!  It’s easy to use, too; just drive the good tire onto the ramp and get to work!  Check it out here on Amazon…good pics, lots of information, and a video demo for you as well.


Tempura-Battered Fish


While Jeff was in Sanibel Island, he sampled some incredible fish, and went on a mission to find out the recipe.  Turns out it was pretty simple: Krusteaz Tempura Batter, Johnny’s Seasoning Salt…and Pabst Blue Ribbon!  PBR that fish ASAP, will ya?  🙂

Anyhow, Jeff had to try it out when he got home, but he used sea salt and Shock Top instead.  And it was still fantastic!  Jeff lays out some extra tips to help you find the right combinations of ingredients for your version of the perfect fish batter, so give the show a listen to find out more.