Fishing Forecast

by Capt. Kevin Faver and Capt. Scott Shank


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This episode was all about questions and reflections.  How has the weather effected things?  Is that upwelling still around?  If so, how are the fish reacting, and how should we react?  How’s the bait?  How many strange phrases can Scott and Leon Dana throw around in one phone conversation?  If you listen in, you’ll quickly find out they’ve got the answers for you.

As advertised, the show was about reflections, too.  Kevin reflected on his unsuccessful, but very fun, experience in this year’s Ancient City Game Fish Tournament.  He wasn’t alone; Lester called in to share the stories around his rough go of it, too.  Scott reflected on his trip down to Orlando for iCast, the biggest fishing industry product show in the country (and maybe the world).  He got to see the latest and greatest gear, along with star after star in the fishing world.  In addition, both of the guys had the chance to look back and reflect on fishing the way it used to be, talking about techniques and locations that were great at one point, but have since faded away.