Return of Red Snapper!

by Capt. Kevin Faver, Capt. Kirk Waltz, and Jeff Lageman

Oh yes…the cool weather has arrived and it feels GREAT!  So great, in fact, that 2/3 of the crew was gone!  Since Jeff didn’t have a Jags game to call, he took off to his property, and Kirk made his way west to South Dakota for an incredible – and well-deserved – vacation.  So Capt. Kevin enlisted the help of Fishing Forecast co-host Scott Shank to hang in the studio and talk about all things outdoors this week.

Yes, today is the Florida/Georgia game (or Georgia/Florida, depending on which side of the state line you’re on), but you’re not going to hear too much football talk here…because there’s WAY too much hunting and fishing talk going on!

One of the BIG topics was the announcement that red snapper has been opened for recreational fishing on Nov. 3-5 and Nov. 10-12!  The guys spent a long time talking about all the details, the ramifications, the concerns, and all the tips they could share about the best ways for you to handle the craziness you’re going to see if you try to head out there to land one.  This conversation alone made this show a complete must-listen…

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This may look like a bizarre photo for a gear tip, but boy, is this tip a good one.  So many of our friends were out in the woods while we were doing the show, and one consistent problem they have when hunting? Scent.  No, we’re not saying you guys stink (well, you know who you are).  We’re saying controlling the human scent we all  carry is always a battle.  On top of that, we have to deal with detergent odors, too!  Want to make your clothes scent free for cheap? No reason to buy expensive detergent when you can easily make your clothes scent free with two things: buy a scent free detergent and add a little baking soda with each load and you are set!






Captain Kevin Faver says with the weather cooling down now is the time to fish the creeks. Fish the obvious spots such as the oyster bars and mud flats. But don’t pass up the deep side bends in the creeks! They can produce a lot of fish!



Faver’s Dirty Rice


Captain Kevin Faver loves when Carrie makes dirty rice. Not only can you enjoy it as part of your evening meal but there is nothing better than dirty rice mixed with scrambled eggs the next morning! Simply take your left over rice, add some type of protein (he prefers sausage) scramble some eggs, mix together and add some hot sauce and you are set.