Hunting South Dakota

by Capt. Kirk Waltz, Jeff Lageman, and guest co-host Capt. Scott Shank

It’s been a WILD week since the guys got together for the last episode!  Kevin hit the road for some Outdoors Show research, and Kirk just got back from his big trip to South Dakota, and all the guys spent some time in Georgia, too.  Special guest co-host Capt. Scott Shank from the Fishing Forecast joined in with his fishing exploits, and it was a show packed with outdoor stories.

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This week’s tip comes from Captain Kirk Waltz, a hunter who LOVES his stuff.  He enjoys gizmos and gadgets to enhance his outdoor experience, but the problem is this: space in a tree stand is kind of tight, so where do you put it all?  According to Kirk, the solution is a simple one: hang it!  Kirk uses inexpensive hooks for his bags and containers so he can keep his hands free and still have quick access to the latest and greatest toys in his arsenal.





As we mentioned, Capt. Kirk loves his toys, and this one is a great one.  Wind direction can change on a moment’s notice. Always know which way it blows with the Windicator. The Windicator is an odorless talc in a 28-gram bottle. Squeezing the bottle releases the super-fine powder into the air. Whether you are in a tree stand or on the ground, instantly know the wind direction and strength. Windicator keeps you pointed in the right direction for hunting success!  The Hunter’s Specialties Windicator helps you find out the wind direction easily, detects the lightest breeze, comes in a convenient 28-gram pocket size container, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.  Best of all, it’s less than $5 at Walmart!  Get it HERE





Sometimes, we share intricate recipes for delightful dishes.  This week, not so much…but it’s just as delicious.   We like to put these Spicy Jalapeño Fritos on venison chili, chili dogs, and more.  In fact, according to Jeff, you can pretty much put them on anything.  Go ahead…grab a bag and get after it.  You can thank us later!