Big Bucks in Missouri? WHAAAAAAAT?

by Capt. Kevin Faver, Capt. Kirk Waltz, and Jeff Lageman

Kevin was back from his trip to Missouri, and he had a bunch of stories – not only about the hunting, but about small town life, too.  Its a great listen, from the first tale of the first time in the stand to the dead-of-night, knock-down-drag-out buck fight, to the last time Kevin had the chance to be out in the Missouri woods and saw THE BUCK.  But Kevin wasn’t the only one with adventures to share; Jeff spent some significant time in Georgia and had a tremendous week.  Kirk was out on the water, and had several interesting things to say; you know it’s good when he starts with, “it doesn’t get any better than this”.

The guys weren’t the only ones with stories, either!  We had plenty of callers who chimed in with their yarns, including Joe Polce, who told the story about his 14-pt that lit up our Facebook page on Nov. 9.  The bottom line: it is quickly shaping up to be a tremendous deer season!




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All three of the guys contributed to this week’s tip about cold weather hunting gear.  are talking warm weather gear for hunting on the show today – make sure you tune in to hear about neck gaiters, hats, underwear and more!





Over the summer, Capt. Kirk shared the importance of keeping a PFAK on hand…a Personal First Aid Kit.  He gave us a list of everything in his kit, and also reminded everyone to check the expiration dates on everything.

Well, hunting season is no different for Kirk or the other guys – safety should ALWAYS be every hunter’s top priority.  To that end, the guys shared what they keep in their hunting PFAK.  The photo to the left does a good job of showcasing what Kirk keeps with him every time he heads out to the woods.




For this week’s Cooking Tip, we took to Facebook…for a quiz!  Jeff’s friend, Miss Jewell, mixes in ONE AMAZING ingredient with her ground beef to make it THE BEST BURGER you will ever eat! None of our Facebook fans could guess what it was.

The answer: white bread! Take one piece of white bread and soak in water until it’s almost falling apart… add one piece of bread per pound. As you can see here: 3 pounds of meat = 3 pieces of bread. Mix in until the bread is completely dissolved into the meat. Trust us… it’s THE BEST BURGER! Thank you Miss Jewell!