Baby, It's Cold Outside...PART TWO

by Capt. Kevin Faver, Capt. Kirk Waltz, and Jeff Lageman

The word of the day: BRRRRRRRR!!!!!

2018 has started off COLD, with some nasty winter storms slamming into the East Coast.  The cold temperatures led to fish-kill conditions (snoop, tarpon) in First Coast waters, and made it pretty nasty to get out in the woods, too.  So, in response to not being able to talk about outdoor happenings, the guys fell back to talking their other favorite pastime: eating!  Somehow, they got on to steak, and get ready – just listening will make your mouth water.

The guys also took some time to think back to their best deer…not necessarily their biggest deer, but the best scenarios and circumstances in which they’ve downed some brown.  Lots of great stories to hear coming out of this topic!

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If you’re looking for a great way to check out those trail cam pics, Kevin has the perfect thing for you: the Wildgame Innovations’ Trail Pad Swipe.  It’s got a bright 4.3″ color TFT screen which lets you view photos and videos, while the touch-screen compatibility makes navigating a breeze. Simple zoom feature lets you get an up-close look at that bruiser. Easy-to-access trash button and delete-all functions let you quickly and easily clear space on your card in the field. The Trail Pad Swipe accepts up to a 32GB SD card, and a mini-USB port lets you connect to a computer.




Capt. Kirk started wearing these to keep his hands dry when it’s bitter cold while reaching constantly into the bait bucket grabbing shrimp for everyone. His hands do get a little cold but it’s not as bad… Hands stay dry and the gloves allow him to continue to tie hooks etc. He saw Capt Jeremy Alvarez doing this and took up doing it! Works great for cleaning Deer and hogs too!




Fillet O’Fish

Thanks to Shawn, one of our loyal listeners and Facebook fans, for sending us this recipe!



Fillet the red leaving the skin/scales on. Make 2 or 3 sits in the thickest part of the meat, spread 2 papa johns garlic butter sauce over meat, sprinkle with favorite seasoning. Cook scales side down on preheat grill covered for 8 – 12 mins, times will vary depending on size/thickness of fillet. Pull off grill and serve.. the meat will pull away from the skin & the skin/scales aid in preventing the meat from burning.  Enjoy!