Oyster Obsessions and Crude Condiments

by Capt. Kevin Faver, Capt. Kirk Waltz, and Jeff Lageman

February is upon us, which means we’re in a time of transition.  The weather and the water are warming up, so the chances to get outdoors are looking more and more pleasurable.  From oyster feeding frenzies to the best ways to scale fish and get into turkey hunting, the guys covered a lot of ground…and had a lot of fun!

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Earlier this week, Capt. Kevin was invited to a hunt club, and stumbled across this beauty of a tip!  If you want to descale a fish, and you don’t have much in the way of time, use a washing machine.  Yes, a washing machine!  All you have to do is add some wide open pine cones, put it on the delicate cycle, and throw the fish in there.  It’ll take those scales right off!  A word of advice, though…don’t do your laundry right after you finish a load of fish.  LOL



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Lusty Monk Original Sin Mustard

Yeah, so the name is a little weird…in fact, some find it downright offensive.  Please don’t blame us – we didn’t come up with it!  But Jeff is a HUGE fan of Lusty Monk Mustard.  According to their website, “Lusty Monk Mustards are fresh-ground, hand-crafted, and full of flavor and fire. No more boring sandwiches. Bratwurst has never been so heavenly. It’s the pretzel’s best friend, the cook’s secret weapon, the perfect companion for lovers of spice and heat.  Lusty Monk is a family-owned, quality-conscious company, devoted to the idea that condiments should never be boring. We lovingly craft the mustard in small batches, and we encourage our brethren to slow down and savor each bite.”

Jeff says it’s good on EVERYTHING… including Jeff’s sausage dogs! Locally the only store that carries it is Earth Fare in Mandarin, but you can also get it direct from the company at their website, www.lustymonk.com.