Kevin Faver

Kevin Faver of St. Augustine Florida is fourth generation from Florida. He has been a licensed charter Captain since the age of 18. He started hunting and fishing with his father and grandfather at the age of five. When his dad didn’t have him in the woods or the water of Northeast Florida his grandfather had him trout fishing on the west coast of Florida around Suwannee.

He learned to fish from his Dad, but in his teenage years he took an interest in offshore fishing. His Dad introduced him to one of the best offshore Captains around, Captain Mike Scanlan. At that time, Capt. Mike took him under his wing and was an incredible mentor. He taught him not only how to be a better fisherman but how to become a top-notch charter Captain. Captain Mike taught Kevin his knowledge of catching tarpon on the First Coast and to this day it is a passion of his. Besides being an avid tarpon fisherman Capt. Kevin also fishes for cobia, kingfish, sharks, and anything else that wants to participate. During the cooler months, most of his trips are in the backwaters fishing for reds, trout, and flounder.

Speaking of cooler months, Capt. Kevin’s focus is bow hunting in the fall. He has property in Georgia that he absolutely loves to hunt and take care of. But he also travels the Midwest in search of big whitetails. Don’t call him for a charter in November because most likely he will be in a tree stand!

When not in the woods or on the water Kevin enjoys sharing his outdoor experiences and knowledge with others. He has co-hosted the radio show, The Outdoors Show, for 19 years. “Visiting with guest and listeners about hunting and fishing is almost as good as being there yourself”.  “If I can’t be in the woods or on the water fishing, then talking about it is the next best thing.

Kevin also enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his wife, kids and granddaughter. They spend as much time outdoors as possible. “Passing on the legacy of hunting and fishing to my children and grandchildren the way my dad passed it on to me is one of the most important things I can do as a father”. Faver says. The outdoors is a great way to spend time with your kids and grandkids and teach them respect and responsibility”.