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OS1049: LIVE from the Jacksonville Boat Show

The guys were live from the Prime Osborne Convention Center as the Jacksonville Boat Show kicked off. The location may have been different, but the chatter was great as usual.

It’s a good time of year to check your PFD’s and make sure they are in good shape. If not, replace them!

Come check out all the great stuff at the Jacksonville Boat Show!

Nothing cooks food like a Big Green Egg. How would you like to win one (with nest stand included) at Hagan Ace Hardware from KirbyCo Builders, Inc!!?? KirbyCo will pick ONE winner LIVE on-air on Feb 9th. 


OS1048: Something Seems Kinda Fishy…

Fishy, fishy, fishy. There was all kinds of fishy stuff happening for this episode, from tasty offshore choices to peculiar bait choices, to the biggest great white in the world and a drunk squirrel. Stop shaking your head and rolling your eyes. Just kick back and enjoy the ride!

Kevin’s a BIG fan of indoor/outdoor weather stations like this one. This wireless weather forecast station with remote sensor is awesome for any tabletop location (not for wall hanging). Now includes auto time / date setting using the WWVB Frequency, which can be displayed in 12/24-hour format. Can also be used as an alarm clock (snooze option).
The weather station includes an AC adapter (It has a battery backup system but the screen works best when using the provided AC adapter) and 1x remote sensor (requires 2 x AA batteries that are not included) which can be used indoors or outdoors. Easily switch between Celcius and Fahrenheit.
Features an adjustable LED Backlight, Indoor and outdoor temperature/humidity display, Moon Phase display and temperature alerts. Data is shown on the stunning color display making it perfect for home or office use.
Indoor thermometer indoor range of 32 F to 122 F and an outdoor range of -4 F to 140 F. Temperature alerts can be easily set. Approximate size: 6.5 x 5 x 1.5 inches (16 x 12 x 3cm)
Weather station feature displays barometric pressure which can be displayed in inHg, mmHg and mb/hPa and trends which are used to predict the weather for the upcoming 8 hours and displays them with 7 weather icons.

Captain Kirk is a huge fan of these wipes to keep all his glass and screens clean.

PERFECT Peel and Eat Shrimp

Go to Fisherman’s Dock and ask for 3 pounds of split, de-veined fresh Mayport shrimp.

You’ll need: Hot old bay seasoning, one fresh vidalia onion, two cans of Salt Life beer. Large Pot with a tight fitting lid (best done outdoors on a burner)

Pour beer, chopped onion and entire small container of chopped old bay into pot. Bring to a raging boil. Add shrimp (make sure they are at room temp!). Put on lid. Shake. Bring back to a raging boil. Shake again. Strain shrimp. Pour into a bowl. Start eating! (Tune in to hear Jeff explain this!)


OS1047: Funkified!

The boys were on the water and in the woods this week, and they rolled into the studio sideways. From the very beginning, this episode was a fun one, highlighted by the new favorite word of Captain Kirk…FUNKIFIED!

With a much needed reprieve in rainfall the water is finally cleaning up. Combined with cooler temperatures it can get very clear. If you are having a tough time getting the fish to bite you might want to back off the size of your fluorocarbon!

Click HERE to join the Outdoors Show guys and sign up for The Tree Steakhouse 4th annual Angelwood Sporting Clay Shoot on Monday, Feb 11th at 8am at Jax Clay Target Sports.

There’s a secret ingredient you can use to make your chicken wings EXTRA crispy! Tune in now to hear Jeff explain…


OS1046: We Celebrate Diversity

One of the biggest compliments we receive from listeners is that we are willing to talk about anything. This episode proved that point, because we did just that – everything from haircuts to squirrel guts, from mishaps to slingshots, we covered it all…along with the help of a bunch of callers!

Capt. Kevin recommends the Plano Bow Guard. The Plano Bow Guard Bow Case keeps your bow safe for transport so you can be assured that it’s in top condition when you find your prey. It can also store a fully loaded quiver for added convenience. This Plano bow case, SE 44, has secure holding straps. 

Go explore the great outdoors on the Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail!

If you’re a biscuit fan (and honestly, who isn’t?), Jeff encourages you to try Mary B’s Biscuits. He’s positive that once you try them, you’ll never go back.