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OS1066: Shark Talk with Dr. Quinton White and Dr. Bryan Franks

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, traditionally a major boating weekend. PLEASE BE CAREFUL! There are lots of casual boaters and recreational watercraft operators on the water, and they don’t know the rules, regs, and often don’t have an overabundance of common sense, either. PLEASE keep your eyes open, keep your head on a swivel, and show some extra grace toward these folks to keep everyone safe. And if you’re driving the boat, please keep yourself straight.

Scott Shank called in with an amazing story about his recent face-to-face encounter with a tiger shark…this one is worth the price of admission alone!

And speaking of sharks, Captain Kevin and Captain Kirk were joined in-studio by JU’s Dr. Quinton White and shark biologist Dr. Bryan Franks. If you like sharks, this is an episode you cannot afford to miss! For the record, it wasn’t all sharks, as Dr. White shared all kinds of insight into the First Coast fishing environment (like he does every time he stops in!).

Captain Kirk started using this Berkley braid for his spinning rods 30lb, 50lb, & 80lb. Great stuff and not outrageously expensive!

If you haven’t put one of these on your phone yet, you should! It protects your phone on the water and in the woods. It has a lifetime guarantee, too!

Kirk found this at Publix and says it’s great for dipping fried fish bites or homemade chicken fingers. Yum!


Fishing Forecast-May 23-HOT! HOT! HOT!…and windy

Between the heat, the wind, and the lack of bait, there was plenty of reasons to give in to the frustration and stop fishing altogether. But Kevin and Scotty were not to be defeated, and they share the things they do so you can be a winner too! Find out how to hook some flounder, kings, and more on this holiday weekend!

OS1065: Great Fishing, Angry Birds, and Hot Grills

The boys were back in the studio today to answer a listener question about a budget-friendly alternative to high-end grillers and smokers. Lots of people called in with their suggestions, and a whole lot more. In fact, Bob took us all on a tangent right off the bat, quizzing the guys on some bird identification and prompting all kinds of calls and stories about all kinds of winged creatures. And of course, the guys could not avoid talking about all the great fishing that is going on…

Jeff recommends HEX Performance laundry soap to get the stink out of any clothes from fishing, hunting or working outdoors! (It’s fragrance free of course)

The best and easiest way to find pogies on the beach is to watch for diving pelicans. But there are 2 different dives. If you see a pelican just kind of flop his bill in the water and do a shallow dive he’s probably diving on glass minnows. If you see a pelican do a high dive and go deeper in the water there is a good chance he’s diving on pogies!

Make THE BEST onion rings at home… Using your Copper Crisper of course! You can find these in the freezer section at Publix.


OS1064: LIVE from Coastal Equipment!

Coastal Equipment invited the guys out to their new location in Macclenny, and Kevin, Kirk, and Jeff were HAPPY to oblige! It was like a big boy toy store out there, and the guys could not stop talking about the Kubotas! They also kept talking about the fishing – the good, the bad, and the ugly of it all.

Have lots of fun in the sun…but be sure to protect yourself. The guys swear by Bull Frog, and can’t recommend it enough!

With the lack of rain and onshore winds the water is clear all the way to the surf. Pogies don’t like clear water and have gone deep! Your best option is to go offshore and jig bait. Make sure you have plenty of sabiki rigs!

Garlic Expressions makes a great marinade for Kingfish/Seafood – you can also use it as a salad dressing! Kirk gets it at The Fresh Market.


OS1063: Savages and Flatties

Capt. Scott Shank joined the guys in the studio, and with three charter captains in the room, you can only guess the topic of conversation…fun turkey guns! That is the truth – a caller asked Jeff about a Savage 42 rifle-shotgun combo, and the conversation began. But have no fear, anglers, the captains got going on fishing in general, and flounder in particular. Listen in to find out just how good it is right now!

Bring your cast net now! Hi Tider 8ft 3/8 mesh is THE BEST!

The flounder have showed up in big numbers in St. Augustine. If you’re going to do some inshore fishing this weekend make sure you have some mud minnows! Flounder can’t resist them!!

It’s blueberry season… if you’ve got extras, make some blueberry turnovers! Here’s the recipe: