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OS1071: MUST LISTEN – Staying Safe This Summer

Once again, Kevin was out of the studio for a tournament – this time around, it was the Ancient City Kingfish Tournament. He checked in with all the details of his busy morning, and you’ll be amazed at what was catching! But the big story was FWC Officer Lance Haskins, who gave us the rundown on all the safety-related things we all need to keep top-of-mind before, during, and after we are on the water. As we come into the busiest boating season of the year, this episode is an ABSOLUTE must-listen!

Meet the RoboCup. It’s a patented portable caddy with a clamp on holder for two Fishing Poles, Drinks, Cups, Bottles, Gear, Drum Sticks, Tools, Phone, Keys, Glasses and more. NO TOOLS REQUIRED: Clamps instantly to both round and flat vertical surfaces up to 2”. The UPDATED VERSION has reinforcements added to the dual clamping jaws, improving the durability by over 55%. Get yours at Strike Zone!

Here’s your Ring Power CAT tip of the week from Captain Kevin: The water on the beach has been gin clear! Sometimes it’s been so clear it’s hard to get fish to bite! You have to tackle down! If you’re king fishing you have to use smaller, wire hooks and even smaller fluorocarbon. Same goes for the tarpon! I had to go to 50 pound fluoro this week instead of 80 to get them to bite!

Here’s your KirbyCo Builders, Inc. cooking tip of the week from Jeff: Candied Pork Belly! Tune in to hear how he made it with the meat he bought at Costco.


OS1070: Its a King Thing

Kevin was out of the studio and on the water for the Kingbuster, but he checked in with a boatload of crazy stories from the morning. Jeff and Kirk also talked kingfishing – along with feeder problems, alligators, great whites and crack cheese. It was like an outdoors talk show buffet – we had it all!

Captain Kirk found these Gerber Neat Freak scissors for less than $10 at Bass Pro Shops when he was visiting PA last week.
Click HERE for a detailed review.

Here’s your Ring Power CAT tip of the week: Are you looking for more than a job? This is one of THE BEST companies to work for… click below for all the info on the career fair HAPPENING TODAY at the RP facility in Saint Augustine!

Here’s your KirbyCo Builders, Inc. cooking tip of the week from Captain Kirk: Try this yummy cornbread they had at the oldest oyster house on the US list of historic places in Boston. Ye Olde Union Oyster House is the oldest operating restaurant in the nation – it opened in 1704!
You can order it online here:


OS1069: Summer Fishing Fun

Summer is most definitely here, and the guys are back to talk about the fishing, the fun, and the not-so-much fun, either.

Do yourself a favor and head to Academy Sports + Outdoors to grab one of these (or one like it) – Jeff used it all over on his recent trip. It’s inexpensive and super easy to carry!

Are you looking for more than a job? This is one of THE BEST companies to work for… click HERE for all the info on the upcoming career fair at the RP facility in Saint Augustine on June 22nd! Please share with friends!

It’s grill-out season and if you want THE BEST hot dog (according to Jeff) – go to Publix and grab the Boar’s Head all beef frankfurters. What do you like to top yours with? Jeff is a slaw-dog guy.


OS1068: Get It While Its -Still- Hot!

Jeff was out of the studio today, so it was all about the captains, and boy, did they have all kinds of angling info to share. Kingfish are crazy, tarpon are showing up, flounder is great, and even the bait is beginning to pop in certain places. It has been a great week, but things are changing. Find out why in this episode…

Captain Kirk recommends a knife bag for filleting fish. There are some great ones available at Strike Zone.

From Captain Kevin: Obviously this is a great time for kingfish. If you’re fishing the beach or an offshore reef make sure you catch some extra bait! When you get set up trolling take your dip net and throw a hand full out. It will fire the fish off!

Krispy Kingfish Nuggets

2 lbs kingfish nuggets
Peanut oil
Corn dust or Wonder Flour
Garlic Powder


After steaking a kingfish in 1 inch steaks remove approx 2 lbs of nuggets by cutting the 4 quadrants out of the steaks with a pairing knife. They look like small circles.

Soak the nuggets in Buttermilk for approx 4 hours or overnight.

Mix approx one cup of corn dust or flour with a tablespoon of garlic powder

Drain the fish after marinating and toss in the Corn Dust or Wonder Flour lightly breading the nuggets.

With the oil heated fry the nuggets until brown on one side and turn them to continue to brown the other.

Place on a pastry screen to drain 

Enjoy with your favorite tartar or cocktail sauce!!


Fishing Forecast-June 6-Tarpon Time

Scott was in the middle of his annual TV show fishing adventure, so Capt Chip Wingo joined Capt Kevin in-studio to talk about things…especially their favorite fish, the tarpon. But they talked about a lot of things, and they certainly made sure you have what you need for a great weekend on the water.

OS1067: Crazy From The Heat

Sure, the kingfish bite has been incredible, and the flounder is good too. But the heat is really beginning to get to everyone, and it showed in this episode. From start to finish, it was one nutty story after another, and it is an episode worth catching for sure!

Go hands-free on the boat and in your truck like Captain Kirk with the Nato Smart Mount.

June 1st is a big day for for local fishermen. It’s the opening day of shrimp season. You can now catch your own shrimp for bait. More importantly the shrimp boats will now start trawling on the beach! Make sure you put those tarpon rods on the boat!

There’s always been a great debate about meat. Bone in? Bone out? Which one do you prefer? We say – get the bone IN! The benefits include a juicer, more flavorful piece of meat.