Fishing Forecast podcast

Fishing Forecast – Can We Even Fish…?

Well, Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott tried to avoid it for as long as they could.  They tried to focus on the fishing as much as possible, but with COVID-19 wreaking havoc all over the world, it was bound to affect First Coast fishing at some point.  With the “Safer At Home” order in place happening, the guys talk about what that means for anglers all over the area…but it didn’t stop them from talking about everything we love to talk about, either.


Fishing Forecast – Something’s Fishy…

Do you smell that?  Well, if you were in the Moe’s Fishing Forecast St. Augustine Studios (yes, that’s a thing), you would DEFINITELY smell it.  With a late tide, Capt. Kevin  and Capt. Scott barely got off the boat and into the studio for this episode.  So, if you’re looking for the most timely fishing forecast, you have come to the right place!


Fishing Forecast – Best March EVER????

Yeah, yeah.  Stay home.  Wash your hands. Don’t hug strangers.  Practice social distancing, whatever that is.  It’s enough to drive you CRAZY.  Especially if you love to fish!  Well, go fish, because Capt. Kevin has reason to believe this may very well be the best March for fishing he has ever seen!  Capt. Scott gives his two cents, along with the usual suspects, and you get all the info you need to have a great weekend…even if it’s a pretty tough one everywhere else.


Fishing Forecast – Change Is Good! Sorta…

The captains are back, and just like everybody else, they’re talking about…FISHING.  Nothing but!  This episode is all about changes.  The good change: the weather has shaped up beautifully, and it’s exactly what the First Coast needed to set the stage for a great spring.  The not-so-good change: according to Capt. Kevin, it’s the stinking time change that has really screwed with him this time around.  How ’bout you?

Fishing Forecast – Oh, It’s Time!

February is finally out of the way, so Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott are getting set for spring.  And Capt. Scott is especially, because it’s time roll those clocks forward!  Find out what that means for you on the water this weekend on this week’s episode.

Fishing Forecast 2/26/2020 – Things Are Cool

Yeah, the Moe’s Fishing Forecast is a cool show, but it’s not quite as cool as the remaining days of February are going to be.  Find out just how cool the temps are going to get, and how those temps are going to affect how, where and when you fish.

Fishing Forecast 2/19/2020 – The Tides, They Are A-Changing

Capt. Kevin is back from his OSR, but we’re pretty sure Capt. Scott enjoyed having guests in-studio, because he brought Capt. Chip Wingo along for the ride to talk about the changes in the weather.

Fishing Forecast-February 12-Flying Away and Taking the Bait

Capt. Kevin was off AGAIN this week, making his way north for a fly fishing trip! And while all of us wish we had video footage of that disaster, Capt. Scott and Capt. Leon spent this episode talking about the nice changes they are noticing in the area, including all kinds of bait for everybody! Be sure to listen in for great ways to find your own honey holes…

Fishing Forecast-February 5-Catching Fish and Turning Wrenches

Capt. Kevin was off doing some OSR, so Capt. Scott welcomed in Capt. Leon Dana for some guest hosting duties. The guys talked about fishing, of course, but they also gave some noteworthy insight into boat maintenance. If you own a boat, you do not want to miss this one.

Fishing Forecast-January 29-The January Wrap-Up

It has been a crazy start to 2020…January has been a wild mix of weather and fishing! So the question is this: does the wackiness continue into February? Get the answer here, and try to figure out how Capt. Kevin got lost in a sea…of tires!