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Fishing Forecast: I Came Back For THIS?

Capt. Kevin made his return for extended OSR in Indiana, and let’s just say he wasn’t happy to see how things had shaped here at home on the First Coast.  Sure, we made it through the nightmare of Tropical Storm Eta (wink, wink), but things are just, well, not really worth coming back for him!  But he and Capt. Scott talked everybody’s way through it.  Misery loves company, right?

Anyway, the guys had fun no matter what, and you can listen in to have some fun yourself…and find out if things are changing for the better this coming week.


Fishing Forecast: Happy Eta’s Eve

As of the recording of this episode, Tropical Storm Eta is getting ready to cut across Florida and head directly for the First Coast.  So how is that going to affect the fishing?  Well, while Capt. Kevin is STILL away on an OSR expedition, Capt. Scott and Capt. Leon Dana will give you the full scoop.


Fishing Forecast: WWED…What Will Eta Do?

Capt. Kevin is off once again – this time, taking care of some OSR, Indiana style.  So Capt. Scott invited Capt. Leon Dana to come in and talk a little bit about what’s been happening, and a lot more about what could happen.  Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Tropical Depression Eta has been destroying Central America for the past couple of days, but reports and models are predicting that she COULD actually turn to attack Florida, which could have a major impact on the First Coast.

Listen in to find out what may happen, and more importantly, what you can do to get some line time in regardless.


Fishing Forecast: The Great Snook Surprise

Our DEER Capt. Kevin was out doing some OSR (you can only imagine what that en-TAIL-ed), so Capt. Scott took the helm and brought in our good buddy Capt. Chip Wingo to talk about everything going on.  Lots of interesting weather happening, of course, a full moon coming up, which means all kinds of craziness, but the craziest thing of all is the number of snook the boys are seeing.  It’s all good, though, and they’ll tell you why during this episode.


Fishing Forecast: Under Pressure

High pressure, that is.  The weather has been, for the most part, God-awful for a LOOOOOOOOONG time.  Let’s just call it what it is: the 2020 Curse.  Anyway, it’s all about storms, big temperature changes, frustrating (and sometimes dangerous) wind patterns…and all the repercussions when it comes to fishing.  Well, Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott catch you up to speed on everything, and all they pressure they’re feeling when it comes to keeping those charters happy.  Listen in to see if anything’s going to get any better this week.


Fishing Forecast: Getting Beat by the Heat

Well, Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott found themselves struggling here in the dog days of August, and-  What? It’s mid-OCTOBER?????  Why is it so dadgum hot?

The boys talk about the heat, whether they beat it or it beat them, and most importantly, they give you the rundown on what’s coming up in the forecast so can gear up to be cool as a cucumber you can get set to sweat…


Fishing Forecast: Off-Shore vs. In-Shore

It was a tale of two waters this week, and depending on where you went, you could tell a happy tale or a sad story.  Or you could listen to this episode, because Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott spill the beans about which one was which.  More importantly, you can find out which one WILL BE which in the upcoming days, thanks to the forecast and their insight.


Fishing Forecast: So…Now What?

So what is an angler to do if its raining so much that you can’t fish?  That was EXACTLY the problem for Capt. Kevin, Capt. Scott, and Ricky the Rookie (who happened to stop by and join the boys for the show).  The good weather went south – or went somewhere else, anyway – for the guys down in the St. Augustine area leading up to the show.  So, the question begs: what was it like around Jax?  And another question: what’s it going to be like in the upcoming days?  Get the details and get the forecast on this episode.


Fishing Forecast: Smooooooth…

The word of the day – well the past few days actually – is SMOOOOOOOOOTH.  The temps have cooled off, the water is perfect, and the fish are EXACTLY where Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott know they’re supposed to be.  It’s just plain good…but will it stay that way?  Get the forecast for the rest of the week, along with all the great stories and calls, and as an added bonus: let Capt. Scott serenade you!


Fishing Forecast – Is Capt. Kevin Hanging It Up?

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Capt. Kevin – the weather’s been a hot mess, he got pancaked by a tarpon, and Capt. Scott whipped him in the mouth.  Put all that together, along with the arrival of deer season, and our friend is highly considering making a career change.  What’s he thinking?  Find out on this episode…