Fishing Forecast podcast

Fishing Forecast: Water Woes and Fun Bites

Interesting show this week as the guys were talking all about the fun fishing…even in the LOUSY water that’s hanging around inshore.  Of course, it all depends on where you go, and if you’re up for the offshore fun, you’ll have a ball – unless you go in the drink.  Find out why, and get your forecast, too!


Fishing Forecast: Crazy Now, Amazing Later

In the midst of historically horrible weather all over the country, Capt. Kevin sees some light at the end of the tunnel.  Find out his and Capt. Scott’s thoughts around the rest of February’s forecast, and find out when you can expect some consistently great fishing weather.


Fishing Forecast: Foggy and Soggy

This week, the guys talk about the incredibly thick fog that seemed to settle on the First Coast all week, and how it – along with the dreary weather and goofy temps – had fish in trouble and captains in a tizzy.  Will it continue?  And will the gnats continue to feast on us?  You’ll get all the answers, along with some stories and fun on this episode.


Fishing Forecast: Do You Gheenoe?

Don’t know how you answer that question, but Capt. Scott says, “Yes I do Gheenoe!”  He talked with Capt. Kevin about his recent gheenoe adventures while doing some shallow water fishing.  He had a lot of fun, so be sure to listen to his stories.  And you also might want to listen in for the upcoming forecast…maybe it’s time for you to gheenoe!


Fishing Forecast: New Time, New Excitement!

Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott found themselves doing the show at 6pm for a change, and boy did it change a lot of things!  They were in a great mood, full of energy and excitement, callers were checking in, and they had LOTS to say.  They covered all kinds of topics, but of course, they spent some time on that forecast, so you know what to expect for the next week.


Fishing Forecast: Cold Winter, Hot Spring?

Although today was pretty nice, Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott were focused on the chilly temps we’ve been seeing on the First Coast.  In previous years, they noted that cold winters routinely brought about some great spring fishing.  But will it hold true this year?  They talk about it, bring in Capt. Rookie Robbie to add his two cents, and of course, they give you the skinny on the upcoming forecast.


Fishing Forecast: A Long Winter’s Nap

Capt. Kevin was out of town on vacation (although we’re sure he’s putting in some OSR time), which meant Capt. Scott took the helm and brought in his first mate, Capt. Chip Wingo to handle the business in this episode.  Although the weather’s been pretty good, those fish are just struggling to get their mouths open, aren’t they?  The guys talk about those sleepy suckers, the water temps, and of course, they let you know the forecast for the upcoming week.


Fishing Forecast: New Year, New Weather?

Although everyone was all done toasting, kissing, and singing to ring in 2021, this episode marked the first show of 2021 for Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott.  But the question is this: should we hope for new, better weather while we’re hoping for new and better everything else this year?  Listen in to find out…


Fishing Forecast: Out With The Old…

It was the last show of 2020, and Capt. Kevin finished up in grand style…by staying at his hunting property in Georgia!  But that didn’t phase Capt. Scott, who called on our good friend Capt. Chip Wingo to sit in and talk about the difference between the weather forecast and what actually happened.  It was a mixed bag by the day, but the important question is this: what’s in store for First Coast anglers this week as we limp into 2021?  Listen in to find out.


Fishing Forecast: Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful…

Just a couple days shy of Christmas, Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott were talking about the VERY chilly weather fixing to show up on the First Coast.  But how is the changing weather going to affect the fishing?  The answer – and the forecast – may surprise you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!