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Fishing Forecast: Absolutely Exasperbaited

You don’t even have to ask – “exasperbaited” ain’t a word.  Ain’t ain’t a word neither, and we’re using that one, too.  Since “exasperated” means “to have made one extremely annoyed” or “have made one angered”, the definition to our new word, exasperbaited, means “to get extremely ticked off by the lack of bait offshore.”

Sure, Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott may be P-Oed, but hey, the world got a new word out of it, so that’s something.

But the good news is that the temps keep rising, the water’s getting a bit better, and fish are getting caught inshore, on the beach, and offshore, too.  Want to know if the trend continues?  Check out this week’s forecast.

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Fishing Forecast: Lots of Captains…Lots of Fish?

Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott had some company for this episode, welcoming in Capt. Ricky and Capt. Bill to talk about everything happening on the water this week.  The 2nd most important question of the day: were the fish biting for all those captains?  And the 1st most important question: how is that weather forecast looking…and are we looking we’ll be catching some fish in the next week?  You’ll have to listen in to find out.


Fishing Forecast: This Is One Good April!

Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott waste no time talking about how good the inshore and offshore fishing has been so far in April.  It’s a bit different than normal, but they’re catching all kinds of fish already!  So the real question is this: if the fishing is good in early April, just how good is going to get for the rest of the month and into May?  Listen in to get the weather forecast and their predictions about just how good things are going to get.


Fishing Forecast: Watch Out! It’s A-Comin’…

Capt. Kevin looked into his crystal ball.  Capt. Scott read the tea leaves.  And they were right!  Last week, they said conditions were starting to look outstanding for some off-the-hook (on-the-hook?) fishing all over the First Coast.  The water’s still a bit chilly, but temperatures are beginning to heat up, and so is the fishing.  Will it heat up for you?  Listen to get the forecast so you know where to go, what to bring, and what you’re going to be catching this week!


Fishing Forecast: Is The Joke On Us?

This episode hit the air on April Fool’s Day, and things got downright foolish for Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott today.  It was windy, it was wet, and it was all kinds of chilly.  The good news is that the fishing situation is changing for the better; Capt. Scott celebrated FOUR firsts on his most recent trip, so listen in to see what he caught.

But the big question is this: which was the joke that Mother Nature played on us – the sweltering heat of late spring/early summer, or the chilly bite of winter?  The guys will tell you as they get you ready for the upcoming week.


Fishing Forecast: Never Seen This Before…

If you’ve listened to the Fishing Forecast for any length of time at all, you can safely say that Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott have pretty much seen it all.  And what they haven’t seen, they know somebody who’s seen it.  With that said, we come to this week’s episode, in which they both admit they have NEVER seen conditions like this for a time span this long.  Capt. Ricky, who sat in with the guys, agreed wholeheartedly.  So what are those conditions, and will this week’s weather help the situation?  Listen in to find out…


Fishing Forecast: The Wind and the Worms

So Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott are getting a little fired up…because business is about to pick up.  ABOUT to pick up.  Why hasn’t the spring of spring sprung just yet?  Could be the wind, could be the worms.  Yes, the worms.

Get the scoop on this episode, and get the forecast to find out if you’ll be getting fired up over the next seven days!


Fishing Forecast: The Spanish Are Coming!

We know what you’re thinking, but no, Spain has not declared war and tried to recapture Castillo de San Marcos.  Okay, maybe you’re not thinking that.

The water temps are climbing, and Capt. Scott is beginning to see spanish jumping, which is good sign that spring is, well, springing, and the fishing business is about to pick up.  Capt. Kevin and studio guest Capt. Ricky chimed in, and of course we heard from the usual cast of characters.  And you can’t call it a Forecast without talking about the weather forecast, so you’ve got that too!


Fishing Forecast: Introducing…MR. WAHOO!

If you’re a regular listener to the Moe’s Southwest Grill Fishing Forecast, you’re probably familiar with Capt. Ricky, a frequent in-studio guest with Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott.  You’re probably also aware that our hosts affectionately call him “Rookie Ricky”.  Well, Capt. Ricky has earned a new nickname: Mr. Wahoo.  Now, if you don’t know why, and you want to know the story about his new moniker, this show is a must-listen!  Here’s a teaser: on his soon-to-be legendary trip, his first fish was 55lbs…and that was the SMALLEST one.


Fishing Forecast: Water Woes and Fun Bites

Interesting show this week as the guys were talking all about the fun fishing…even in the LOUSY water that’s hanging around inshore.  Of course, it all depends on where you go, and if you’re up for the offshore fun, you’ll have a ball – unless you go in the drink.  Find out why, and get your forecast, too!