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Fishing Forecast – Is Capt. Kevin Hanging It Up?

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Capt. Kevin – the weather’s been a hot mess, he got pancaked by a tarpon, and Capt. Scott whipped him in the mouth.  Put all that together, along with the arrival of deer season, and our friend is highly considering making a career change.  What’s he thinking?  Find out on this episode…


Fishing Forecast – Managing the Mullet Run

Mother Nature did her best to hold things up, but she couldn’t keep the mullet from running any longer.  After a couple of downright DEAD days early in the week, Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott saw the mullet running like crazy on Wednesday!  Although they slowed down just a little bit on Thursday, First Coast waters were filled with some monster tarpon.  The guys shared their experiences, and of course, gave you all the insight into whether things would continue through the weekend.

Rookie Ricky also made another guest appearance, which provided some laughs, too.


Fishing Forecast – Tarpon Talk

‘Tis the season…to talk tarpon!  Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott talk it up about the monsters and all the fun you can have battling them – even in the nasty heat.  You can also get the details on the time Capt. Scott put one right on Capt. Kevin’s kisser, and how Capt. Kevin got pancaked!


Fishing Forecast – Was That a Mullet Run?

Last week, Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott – along with every other First Coast angler – suffered through some terrible times.  If it wasn’t crappy weather, it was no bait, or the fish just wouldn’t bite.  But – there was hope!  Did they guys discover an itty bitty mullet run?  Or were they just hallucinating from the heat…


Fishing Forecast – Lowering the Boom

Mother Nature has been downright ANGRY over the past several days, and both Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott, along with every other First Coast charter captain, have been in the middle of some downright nasty storms!  The guys talk about how the summer grinds on everybody, and they talk about the changes that anglers have to make…just to make it.

Check out the talk, and get the forecast, too!


Fishing Forecast – Here We Go Again…

Capt. Kevin was off to Indiana for some family fun and a little OSR, so Capt. Scott called on Capt. Chip Wingo to join him in studio and talk about the latest happenings in First Coast waters.  And what’s happening is what’s been happening for most of 2020.  What is it?  NO FREAKING BAIT!!!!  AGAIN!!!!  But here’s the good news for you: in this episode, Scott and Chip will tell you what use instead – and how to use it – so you don’t come up empty.  Throw in the most current forecast you can find, and you’re in business!


Fishing Forecast – Shrimpies…and Post-Storm Fun

Shrimpies? Yeah, shrimpies.  Capt. Scott actually calls them ‘shrimpies’ in this episode!  Both he and Capt. Kevin know that shrimp are on the way, and they’re just itching to find a dock and throw a net for a couple of hours!  But aside from the dreaming, there was a lot of great fishing to talk about, thanks to the not-so-near miss from Tropical Storm Isaias.  And oh yeah – the captains have the forecast for you, too!


Fishing Forecast – Good Fishin’ Before The Storm

Thankfully, things have gotten A LOT better since the last time Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott got together for the Forecast.  The weather’s been better, the fishing’s been better.  BUT (there’s always a BUT, isn’t there?) we have something new to worry about: Tropical Storm Isaias.  As of Thursday night, it was projected to pass by the First Coast on Sunday as a hurricane.  What kind of impact will it have on us?  The guys talk about it and give you the very latest forecast, too.


Fishing Forecast – There’s FINALLY Bait! But…

2020 has been a real turd of a year.  On top of everything else that’s been happening, bait along the First Coast has been almost IMPOSSIBLE to find.  And when you actually could find it, it was gone the next day.  Well, here’s the good news: Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott have a great bait report for you!

But there’s bad news, too…and you’re going to have to listen to find out.


Fishing Forecast – Hangin with Ricky the Rookie

The only thing better than having two captains in the studio is having three!  Capt. Kevin and Capt. Scott were joined by first-year charter captain, Capt. Ricky!  It’s an episode with a great mix of perspectives on everything happening in First Coast waters, and it’s definitely worth the listen!