OS 1108: Fishing, Fowl and Fools

What a week!  The guys had a lot going on, and there was a lot going on all over the place.  They had to talk fishing, of course, because the weather has gotten so much better.  Both Capt. Kevin and Capt. Kirk talked about the trout fishing in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, but things picked up when Trina stopped in to put the wraps on El Cheapo 2020…and you might just hear some gloating from one Mr. Lageman.  Just sayin’…

As for the fowl, the guys had turkey hunting on their minds, of course, so there was plenty of chatter about that.

Finally, there was no escaping talk about the coronavirus and how it’s affecting things in the world of hunters and anglers.  The good thing is this: every sporting event maybe cancelled or postponed, every concert and show may have been sandbagged, but we can still do our thing in the outdoors.  With that said, what exactly is up with the mayor deciding to close Jacksonville parks?  After listening, you may get a better idea of why we’ve got “fools” in the title…

Here’s your L.V. Hiers gear tip of the week… When you can’t find TP… get Dude Wipes! Captain Kirk and Kevin love them! Dude!!!

Here’s your Ring Power CAT tip of the week… Having low tides in the early morning hours and very little wind this weekend… it’s a great opportunity to find big schools of reds on the edge of the main river. If you ease down the main ditch and see a school of reds pushing… go past them and shut the engine down. Go back to them with the trolling motor!

Here’s this week’s Kirbyco Builders Inc cooking tip of the week. We have always suggested mixing a little yellow mustard in with mayo to coat fresh fish before coating with panic or ritz crackers and baking…but this week we tried something different. We mixed in a little something special in place of the yellow mustard and it made our standard recipe turn into SUPERSTAR recipe status!! Can you guess what it is!? Listen to Jeff reveal the big secret!