OS 1131: Hunting Prep and the Mullet Run

Capt. Kirk was off doing the family thing this week, so joining Jeff and Capt. Kevin was none other than Dave Edwards, a long-time friend of the show and Director of Land Stewardship at White Oak (click HERE to visit their website).  Of course, the mere mention of White Oak stirred up lots of great conservation conversation.

Of course, the Outdoors Show knows Dave is a guru when it comes to wildlife knowledge.  With that in mind, the guys tapped into Dave’s brain about all things hunting – feeding, camera surveying, and the most expensive shotguns you can find!  If you’re a hunter, this is can’t miss stuff.

Now, the guys can’t do a show without talking about fishing, and the big topic around here right now is the mullet run, which has officially begun according to Capt. Kevin.  He went off about it, and everything it means for anglers on the First Coast.  Capt. Kirk even managed to call in and share his perspective on how things are shaping up.

Here’s your L.V. Hiers gear tip from our guest co-host Dave Edwards:

“Man, there’s so many out there now I can’t keep up. I use Cuddeback and have for 20 yrs. I use Color XChange model – roughly $180, which I think is in the middle of the price range of the market. Put it this way…. I can’t afford for a camera to fail (or I lose money).”

Here’s your Ring Power CAT tip of the week from Captain Kevin: With the mullet run starting this week your best bet is obviously is to use mullet for bait. Whether you’re fishing for reds, flounder, tarpon or kingfish you need to fish with mullet. The best way to find schools of mullet is to watch for Ospreys! Even if you’re surf fishing…if you find ospreys you’ve found the bait!

Here’s your Kirbyco Builders Inc. cooking tip of the week: Jeff loves these handy, all natural beeswax wraps for food storage. www.beeswrap.com