OS 1147: Have A Holly Jolly…

With Christmas just under a week away, of course the guys had gift ideas on their minds.  So there was plenty of talk about great gifts, not-so-great gifts, and just plain odd things to find under the tree (or the big stuff that just gets a big red bow on it).

In hunting news, Kevin shared a great story about “The Second Chance Buck” – and when we say “great”, we mean GREAT…like an all-time classic, and you want to make sure you hear it.

Here’s your L.V. Hiers gear tip of the week: Gill boots for cold weather…get yours for around $50 online.

Here’s your Ring Power CAT tip of the week!  Plant trees now, during the dormant season…not in the spring.


Here’s your Kirbyco Builders Inc. cooking tip of the week: Need something hearty, hot and easy!? Here you go…Crockpot Mexican Street Corn & Chicken Chowder!  Click HERE for the recipe.