OS1052: Ocearch Founder Chris Fischer and Dr. Quinton White

Since Jacksonville University is home to Ocearch, it was only fitting that Dr. Quinton White stopped in and Ocearch Explorer in Residence Chris Fischer joined Kevin and Jeff to talk all about the work Ocearch is doing with great whites and other species. The guys also talked about their new-found love for the Bassmaster Elite Series, and Kirk checked in from vacation.

Capt. Kevin got tired of cheap dip nets always corroding and falling apart! He got a new Aftco dip net that is fantastic…and recommends you do the same!

Here’s your Ring Power CAT tip of the week from Captain Kirk: The El Cheapo Tournament is soon and cold weather could affect the local bait shops from acquiring fiddler crabs which is a mainstay for catching heads for many folks. That being said and you can’t get any here… this is what I and many others do….Try using freshly shucked clams or oysters that have been brined in salt water with kosher salt. This method will tighten up these tasty crustaceans which in turn holds them on the hook longer while fishing.

Olive’s Bloody Mary – The 1st place winner from the Bloody Mary contest at KirbyCo! It was Dee-lish!!