OS1057: Talkin Turkey LIVE at Academy Sports

The Outdoors Show turkeys were LIVE from Academy Sports and Outdoors with gobblers on their minds. You cannot blame Kevin, though, because his wife got her very first one this week! He shares the story, and the guys share a whole lot more this episode.

Captain Kirk swears by Penn Rod & Reel Cleaner!

Make sure you are using quality turkey loads for the season available at Academy Sports + Outdoors. Tune in now to hear the guys tell you about their top picks!

This week’s tip comes from Jennifer at The Fisherman’s Dock: Make sure your crawfish are cooked perfectly!  At the end of boiling the crawfish throw in ice and let it sit for about 15 minutes. This does two things:

1. Stops the cooking process so they aren’t over cooked.
2. By immediately making the water cooler, the meat constricts and draws in a lot more seasoning- this according to old timers is what gives cajun crawfish the extra spicy-ness!