OS1060: Line, Leaders, and Crazy Uncle Ed

With Kevin out of town, Jeff and Kirk invited Crazy Uncle Ed Malin of Angie’s Subs to sit in and talk fishing…among a BUNCH of other things. The guys shared some insight into fluorocarbon and everyone called in with their favorite outdoor leaders – those TV hosts that made a lasting impression on them. And one more thing – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SKEETER!

If your hands get dry, you need to listen to Capt. Kirk. He STRONGLY recommends you get yourself some Badger Balm.

From Captain Kevin: There are some cobia around right now. If you do go offshore this weekend make sure you have a pitch rod rigged and ready to go!

This week’s tip comes from fill-in co-host Ed Malin. The Anova Precision Cooker allows you to cook meat “sous vide” – listen in to find out what it means, how well it works, and how you can make the best prime rib EVER. Get yours HERE