OS1061: Springtime Story Time

Even with Capt. Kirk out of the office, Capt. Kevin and Jeff had PLENTY of stories to tell about the weather, the fishing, and the hunting. Of course, the big news item of the week was the dramatic way the cobia have resurfaced on the First Coast, so there was plenty to of stuff to share.

And speaking of sharing, the guys got to share some great food brought in by Chef Gordon and HOFer Lester…not to mention some insanely delicious cookies from the mind of Miss Jewell!

Make Spring cleaning a breeze with the WORX Tools 56 volt cordless blower!

There are rays on the beach. A couple things to keep in mind. The best time to start looking for rays on the beach is 11:30am. Start in 35 to 40 feet. Don’t get in a hurry because rays have a tendency to come to the surface for a short time then disappear. Be patient!

Miss Jewell’s “100 Cookie” Recipe