OS1063: Savages and Flatties

Capt. Scott Shank joined the guys in the studio, and with three charter captains in the room, you can only guess the topic of conversation…fun turkey guns! That is the truth – a caller asked Jeff about a Savage 42 rifle-shotgun combo, and the conversation began. But have no fear, anglers, the captains got going on fishing in general, and flounder in particular. Listen in to find out just how good it is right now!

Bring your cast net now! Hi Tider 8ft 3/8 mesh is THE BEST!

The flounder have showed up in big numbers in St. Augustine. If you’re going to do some inshore fishing this weekend make sure you have some mud minnows! Flounder can’t resist them!!

It’s blueberry season… if you’ve got extras, make some blueberry turnovers! Here’s the recipe:  www.sprinklesomesugar.com/blueberry-turnovers/