OS1065: Great Fishing, Angry Birds, and Hot Grills

The boys were back in the studio today to answer a listener question about a budget-friendly alternative to high-end grillers and smokers. Lots of people called in with their suggestions, and a whole lot more. In fact, Bob took us all on a tangent right off the bat, quizzing the guys on some bird identification and prompting all kinds of calls and stories about all kinds of winged creatures. And of course, the guys could not avoid talking about all the great fishing that is going on…

Jeff recommends HEX Performance laundry soap to get the stink out of any clothes from fishing, hunting or working outdoors! (It’s fragrance free of course)

The best and easiest way to find pogies on the beach is to watch for diving pelicans. But there are 2 different dives. If you see a pelican just kind of flop his bill in the water and do a shallow dive he’s probably diving on glass minnows. If you see a pelican do a high dive and go deeper in the water there is a good chance he’s diving on pogies!

Make THE BEST onion rings at home… Using your Copper Crisper of course! You can find these in the freezer section at Publix.