OS1066: Shark Talk with Dr. Quinton White and Dr. Bryan Franks

It’s Memorial Day Weekend, traditionally a major boating weekend. PLEASE BE CAREFUL! There are lots of casual boaters and recreational watercraft operators on the water, and they don’t know the rules, regs, and often don’t have an overabundance of common sense, either. PLEASE keep your eyes open, keep your head on a swivel, and show some extra grace toward these folks to keep everyone safe. And if you’re driving the boat, please keep yourself straight.

Scott Shank called in with an amazing story about his recent face-to-face encounter with a tiger shark…this one is worth the price of admission alone!

And speaking of sharks, Captain Kevin and Captain Kirk were joined in-studio by JU’s Dr. Quinton White and shark biologist Dr. Bryan Franks. If you like sharks, this is an episode you cannot afford to miss! For the record, it wasn’t all sharks, as Dr. White shared all kinds of insight into the First Coast fishing environment (like he does every time he stops in!).

Captain Kirk started using this Berkley braid for his spinning rods 30lb, 50lb, & 80lb. Great stuff and not outrageously expensive!

If you haven’t put one of these on your phone yet, you should! It protects your phone on the water and in the woods. It has a lifetime guarantee, too!

Kirk found this at Publix and says it’s great for dipping fried fish bites or homemade chicken fingers. Yum!