OS1067: Crazy From The Heat

Sure, the kingfish bite has been incredible, and the flounder is good too. But the heat is really beginning to get to everyone, and it showed in this episode. From start to finish, it was one nutty story after another, and it is an episode worth catching for sure!

Go hands-free on the boat and in your truck like Captain Kirk with the Nato Smart Mount.

June 1st is a big day for for local fishermen. It’s the opening day of shrimp season. You can now catch your own shrimp for bait. More importantly the shrimp boats will now start trawling on the beach! Make sure you put those tarpon rods on the boat!

There’s always been a great debate about meat. Bone in? Bone out? Which one do you prefer? We say – get the bone IN! The benefits include a juicer, more flavorful piece of meat.