OS1071: MUST LISTEN – Staying Safe This Summer

Once again, Kevin was out of the studio for a tournament – this time around, it was the Ancient City Kingfish Tournament. He checked in with all the details of his busy morning, and you’ll be amazed at what was catching! But the big story was FWC Officer Lance Haskins, who gave us the rundown on all the safety-related things we all need to keep top-of-mind before, during, and after we are on the water. As we come into the busiest boating season of the year, this episode is an ABSOLUTE must-listen!

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Here’s your Ring Power CAT tip of the week from Captain Kevin: The water on the beach has been gin clear! Sometimes it’s been so clear it’s hard to get fish to bite! You have to tackle down! If you’re king fishing you have to use smaller, wire hooks and even smaller fluorocarbon. Same goes for the tarpon! I had to go to 50 pound fluoro this week instead of 80 to get them to bite!

Here’s your KirbyCo Builders, Inc. cooking tip of the week from Jeff: Candied Pork Belly! Tune in to hear how he made it with the meat he bought at Costco.