OS1087: Oh Dear, Oh…Deer!

You gotta love Day One…especially when you are talking about Day One of Gun Season in Georgia! Unfortunately, the weather is not cooperating again this year. Tropical Storm Nestor is bringing the rain, and the temperatures are still just too stinking high!

Kirk was back in the studio after doing his OSR – quail hunting in the frigid temperatures of Flandreau, South Dakota. He shared all kinds of great stories about his adventures, but he was not the only one.

Kevin had an amazing week, taking two does with some fantastic shots with his bow. Finally, the guys started talking about boating issues and accidents, and that is when everybody chimed in with their own stories.

It’s going to be a WET opening weekend in Georgia! The perfect way to keep your range finder, binoculars and glasses dry.

Here’s your Ring Power CAT tip of the week: #DIY Take it from Captain Kevin building his new condo stand… Doing it yourself for $500 is always better than buying it pre-made for $1500 or more!

Here’s your KirbyCo Builders, Inc. cooking tip of the week: Jeff loves this Lane’s BBQ signature rub for crispy wings on the grill! DELISH!  https://lanesbbq.com/