OS1104: Way Back When

Dr. Dave Edwards crashed the studio this week and joined the guys to talk all things outdoors. From turkeys to cleaning up your boat, they covered it all. But the show really took off as everyone - including the callers - began remembering those crazy childhood fishing stories! Lots of laughs, lots of great memories. And you do not want to miss the story about Abby, the little dog that had a BIG problem with everybody, especially Jeff!

Here’s your L.V. Hiers gear tip of the week: Jeff’s favorite turkey hunting vest.  He says, “It’s the perfect vest to hold everything you need for the hunt, it also allows you the flexibility to sit comfortably ANYWHERE. It has the fold down seat that flips down so you can actually lean back. It allows you to sit still longer. It’s THE BEST turkey vest ever.”

Here’s your Ring Power CAT tip of the week from Captain Kevin: Make sure you have your list ready to go for Turkey season… get it all organized now so you have everything in order etc. Here’s a great one from NWTF. What you don’t have now…you still have time to get. Then check that list twice like Santa! (Kirk’s list was too big to post!! LOL)

Here’s your KirbyCo Builders Inc. cooking tip from Jeff: Normally we don’t put anything on brisket…but this recipe was worth trying! Mix: One can of Beer (we used Blue Moon), 1 tbsp garlic, hot rotel, regular rotel, one chopped sweet onion. Cook on the stovetop over medium until it cooks down quite a bit. After letting the brisket sit for a few hours after cooking. Pour the rotel mix around the meat. Cover tightly and put in the fridge overnight. Re-heat in the oven the next day at 250 degrees. Enjoy!